Monday, 16 December 2013

Trust Is Built Upon Empathy

When  I went through the  following link,I appreciated the writer's understanding of the aspects of empathy,in building up leadership,and trust.My comment is below the post.

What is ailing the organisations today?I think lack of empathy is a big factor.A caring attitude to try to know the feelings of others,sends positive vibes in an organisation.Those organisations succeed who have have empathy in abundance.I am convinced that trust is built upon empathy.Those organisations which want to develop through empathy keep their channels of communication open and transparent.When transparency is not there,then it appears that empathy is lacking in a big way.

I think for building up trust through empathy,developing right wisdom is very important.This wisdom comes when we are in a high life-condition,energetic and fully alert,alive tot eh feelings,and emotions of others.Wisdom allows you to understand other person's plight at a deeper level.When that undersatnding is built upon heart-t0-heart bonds,then trust gets a real boost.

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  1. Trust in a child is primarily created in the family, society and by the education system where teachers form the core. In India families fall in mainly three categories viz (I) of poor and impoverished, (ii) lower and upper middle class and (iii) of rich and privileged. Families in poor and lower middle class are hardly able to create any trust in their off springs because they are constantly fighting the battle for their survival. The children suffer from all types of ills and hardly have any scope to nurture any sort of values. There are exceptions as some children from such strata of society have grown big in life either because destiny willed for them and once pushed they did not look back. In the case of upper middle class, a child faces the real challenge as his/her aspirations are pretty high, parental , societal support is rather available to a great extent and they are able to garner good education because of the means with them. Yet the trust in such families between the child and society has to be nurtured very systematically and very often the children are found wanting in the values which make a person not only worth living in a society but contributing towards its richness. The children of the rich have all the facilities of growth but good number of them turn out to be spoilt children and unfortunately their behaviour adversely impacts the lower strata of the society. In short, it is the values which a child derives from the parents. society and the teachers which make a lasting impression on his/her personality in later stages of life. Inculcation of time tested values is the best way forward and rest is with the child to adopt them the way they deem fit. Parents, society at large and teachers must fulfil their obligation to create mutual trust between them and the child.