Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Issue of Trust Deficit

 Trust deficit in organisations is quite common,but trust deficit in politics is now-a-days increasingly used to show that there is definitely a crisis in governance.The Anna movement in India sprang from distrust in the governance institutions which were thought to be transparent,but who over the years have not been able to stem the malaise of corruption.Public protest which takes a popular form emerges from distrust in the institutions.Corruption which has now become a national issue in India is basically an issue of distrust of people in the political institutions.The Parliament was supposed to come up with a powerful Bill which could help in tackling the problem of corruption.But this has failed to materialise as seen from discontent from all sections of the society.

Democracy in the country can be strengthened only if the trust of the people in the public institutions is restored.The US President  had also pointed to the huge problem of trust deficit in the country which he considered as a big crisis.India also faces a similar situation,which is more grave as there are multi-farious contradictions in the working of democracy.The increasing role of civil society in the times to come will become more pronounced as the distrust of people in the governance institutions will increase.We may witness more Anna movements in the country.This means that democratic form of protest will gain more ascendancy.In this natural process,solutions will definitely emerge on the horizon as the pent-up feelings will definitely find redressal.. Trust which is a vital component of governance must triumph in the end.