Friday, 6 December 2013

The World is Driven by Innovation Built Upon Trust

Recently, when I went through the link, I felt reflecting upon this well-crafted piece, through my comment[See the comment below the article].It was a good learning experience going through this piece.
       I think the world is driven by innovation, which is built upon trust. Every nation, every sector, and every organization is craving for innovation. Innovations are a growth indicator, driven by the impulse to see change all around. However, the foundation of innovation is trust. The group dynamics helps in problem-solving, based on innovative solutions.

 The organizations which innovate are successful, and here the level of trust is noteworthy. Can we motivate every one in the organisations to innovate by building up their self-trust, and helping them to trust the people around. This may be one of the major issues in organizational dynamics.

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  1. Yes,I agree trust is very important for innovation in the organisations.But,I fear in most of the cases,it is not there.