Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Are We Trusting Technology More Than Ourself ?

It appears that we are slowly trusting technology more as an effective tool to trust human beings. We are driven by our passion for technology, which makes us believe that we can form good bonds with people. In this pursuit, we don’t trust ourself to act as a bridge in forming human bonds. As a result, technology is becoming dominant over our lives, and we are becoming its slave. We feel restless when we don’t see mobile phone in our hand. That restlessness is not so much evident when our near and dear ones are not with us. We tend to trust that electronic communication will help us maintain strong contacts with them. We don’t feel the necessary urge to see them in front of us. We also don’t make efforts to visit them. We feel that it will be merely a wastage of time. We think that why not utilize the limited time by surfing  on the social networking sites?

The first thing we search for religiously in the morning, is our mobile phone, prayers come after that, forget the people who are with us. Social networking sites, and other applications are becoming our obsession.  When we travel, we don’t make efforts to talk to the people, and develop   bonds. Instead, we depend on technology to build up contacts with others. We are oblivious of our immediate environment, where we see other people themselves busy with their mobile phone. So, why should we take any initiative in making efforts to engage in conversations? The same thing is visible in parties, conferences, events, etc where many people tend to withdraw from making conversations on the pretext that they are busy with their phones. This lazy approach in depending on technology does not help in building up strong heart-to-heart bonds. We tend to believe that why make unnecessary efforts in intermingling with people of different temperaments, so we take  recourse to technology to hide our inabilities to accept different kinds of people. As a result, we  are not able to nurture our relationships. A layer of superficiality is clearly visible, which makes others also realise that through electronic communication, we are just maintaining formality in our relationship.

At work-place, even for internal communication, we depend on electronic form, instead of making efforts to visit our colleagues. In conflicting situations, this approach  doesn’t resolve the issues, as our egos destroy the chance of conflict resolution as  we avoid making face-to-face conversation with a strong desire for genuine dialogue. For an  organisation’s  external communication, we have a strong feeling that electronic communication will  be sufficient to achieve our purpose. But, we are mistaken. I feel personal visits are important in many of the cases to enhance an organisations’s profile, or achieve the project targets. Electronic communication can be successful here only if the self-motivated human efforts are made in taking pains to visit people.

The politicians are making these days frenetic efforts to utilise electronic communication to build up their popularity amongst the people. They don’t make efforts to personally visit the people in their constitutency, and form one-to-one contact. As a result, I feel, the trust level of the people in the politicians does not nurture. Electronic communication can only be a momentary way to win over the hearts of the people. The long-term benefits can be maintained only if the politicians show their sincerity in making visits, and follow up with the people. The people today are smart to understand the limits of electronic communication, as it can be used  to create a situation, which at the ground-level does not exist.

I think the tendency to trust on technology, and not in us is limiting the growth of our personalities. I feel   our full potentialities can emerge only if  we speak, express and maintain face-to-face contacts through our inner urge to indulge in sincere heart-to –heart dialogue. Our presence itself can create an  effective aura which can attract people around us, so that ever-lasting relationships are built upon which can give a real joy in life. Technology can hide our inabilities, biases in personality etc, which can only hamper our personal growth, as a result of which we are not able to learn, and evolve. If we continue to be dictated by technology, then we will merely become  mechanical robots. So, let us develop the right  wisdom to use technology judiciously.



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  1. When there is decline in the character, the level of trustworthiness also gets reduced and the place for technology gets enlarged. Technology is nothing but the tool of disciplined behaviour which al, sometimes become unachievable due to volatile human mind. In practical, yes, we are bound to believe technology where the chances of errors and betrayal are lesser.