Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Doing Activity Together Helps Build Up Trust

Recently. when I went through this link, I got new insights on how  to build up trust through eating together. The author comes up with refreshing insights on what needs to be done to build-up team spirit through eating together.  In organisational growth, this is a factor which is grossly neglected. When people in organisations don't trust each other, they try their best to avoid each other. They just do their job, without caring to find an opportunity to intermingle with others, or do some activity in leisure time together.

     Some of the people in the organisations show a lonely approach when they don't feel the inner urge to share lunch  with their team-mates. As a result, they feel stress. which affects their work productivity. Eating together provides a wonderful opportunity to build up informal relationships, which go beyond the work domain. All this helps in building up trust, which helps in the work performance too. The organisations which encourage people going out for meals together, or picnics, etc are bound to create a culture which is open, and which allows people working in the organisations bond together. I find that encouraging workers to indulge in some sports /cultural activity in a group manner can also be a good way to bust out their stress. Many of the organisations are doing this, but the fact remains that many of them neglect this vital factor,is  a worrisome trend.

Organisations can build up trust when employees are given opportunities to trust each other through creating non-official channels of communication which are not based on professional relationship. I think this can be a difficult process, and may lead to people comparing with each other on personal front too. But, the benefits are more in this approach, simply because this provides an opportunity for each employee to know the personal side of each other. A compassionate outlook thus can be created, which helps remove the ill-will amongst the employees.

A futuristic vision for robust organisational growth rests on formulating effective trust devices which are based on encouraging group activity amongst the employees. At a time when team-building is given much emphasis in organisations for  achieving the targets, informal group activities can help in building up an open and transparent work culture, which  can uplift the morale of an organisation.

Even in other fields too, doing an activity together has good results. Researchers from University of Buffalo recently studies 634 couples through their first nine years of marriage, finding that divorce rate was higher only when one person was a heavy drinker. Surprisingly, if both partners drank equally heavy then their choice of splitting  up were no longer high. When I read this interesting statistics through a news-item, I got convinced that the power of doing an activity together is immense.

With our society becoming individualistic, community ties are becoming weaker. Group activities, whether informal, or formal are needed to build up community ties. Bonding of couples through mutual involvement of partners is much needed to strengthen families which tend to break due to the inflated egos of the partners.

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