Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Do We Have Trust In Our Capabilities?

Often, we like comparing ourselves with others. We  lament that we are inferior to those, whom, we consider are success in their lives. Money, power and influence are generally  our common yard-sticks to judge others’ success.  While comparing  ourselves with others, we tend to have more trust in the capabilities of others. Our admiration of  our role-models is generally built on our inferiority complex, with which we are often gripped with. We are not able to break the shackles of our complex, because we don’t have trust in our capabilities.

Having not  trust  in our capabilities hampers our ability to triumph in our daily life. We develop stress, fear, and we are not able to surge ahead. At family level, we fail to become a role model for other family members, as we are ourself  not sure of our capabilities. Our ability to generate happiness for our family is crippled due to lack of trust in ourself to transcend our weaknesses, and think for others’ happiness. At society level, our contribution in making a better society does not come up to the surface as we don’t have trust in our potentialities to think beyond ourself.

The achievers in every walk of life have triumphed because of their trust in their capabilities. They have overcome their limitations because they have trust in their capabilities to overcome all odds. The society today needs people who have trust in their capabilities. The only change will come, and our institutions will work. The leaders will emerge only when people are given encouragement to develop their attitude to trust  their capabilities. Then only such people will develop leadership traits, and mobilize the people around for a common objective, thus setting up an example for others. At school level, the value education component  must give due emphasis on trust-building component. Children’s thinking must be developed through creative ways so that they  feel confident to develop trust in their capabilities.

How can one develop trust in  one’s capabilities at individual level? A spiritual practice can help in bringing the change in one’s thinking. Courage, confidence and high-life condition will follow naturally, which will bolster a person to trust his capabilities. If a person can trust in his capabilities, then he will usher change in the society by encouraging others to trust their capabilities. The highest potentialities of people then emerge, which can revolutionise our socio-economic system.

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