Wednesday, 26 February 2014

See my comment on Charles H.Green’s Blog on Trust;Indian Implications

See my comment on   blog of Charles H.Green,CEO of Trusted Advisors;.

Creating trust-based organisations is a big challenge for the CEOs of the organisations today.I liked the article for its fresh insights.I have advocated for cooperatives  as effective trust-based organisations in my comment to Charles' blog,simply because cooperatives because of their value-orientation can play an important role in building up trust.

Trust-based organisations are key to organisational success today.Organisational dynamics must take this factor seriously.The organisational management must give trust it due place in its strategic priorities.

The Indian organisational scenario today demands building up trust-based organisations due to following reasons;

1] Organisations in India are increasingly facing the problem of distrust,and this is more a reflection of trust-deficit in all walks of life.

2] The leadership in the organisations has to shed bureaucratic approach in tackling the issues,and for this creating an atmosphere for equal participation is important,through trust.

3] The Indian organisations must give due emphasis to values in their business ethics,as the traditional Indian society respects values,as a part of India's cultural heritage.I think the importance of values has not been given due recognition in building up a culture of trust.. 

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