Thursday, 30 January 2014

Can You Build Up Brand through Your Content based on trust?

    Trust has many dimensions. When I started this blog,I didn't know that I could explore a field,which is so rich.Please go through the following link on content marketing through building up trust;;
             I like the write-up,because of following reasons;
1]  Creating good content is easy,but marketing  is so difficult.So,you need to build up your own brand to succeed.There is no short-cut.

 2] The write up in the link talks of how to market your content by building up trust.The author gives first-hand tips,which look so real.

3[ Trust with the consumers needs to be nurtured.Then,only it can have an ever-lasting value.This applies to the content too.Content has to sell in the market. Then only brand can be created.

4] Audience engagement is so important for building up brand through quality content.This can come only if you generate trust.

                 So,build up trust through your content.Then only you can reap the fruits of success.  


Friday, 24 January 2014

Trust Erosion In the Case of AAP

Chetan Bhagat in his blog 'Item Girls of Politics' in Times of India has highlighted the factor of trust erosion.The link is given below;

     I think the article clearly shows that trust-building needs to be nurtured.If people build up trust in a party,then signs of trust erosion need to be well-tackled.In the case of AAP,the rising graph of trust in it was astonishing. The  party  took up the cause of corruption,and it appeared that people associated with it were good.The distrust level of people with the established parties,Congress,and BJP,was  big factor in its favour.Now, after the recent dharna  by AAP ,the trust level in it appears to be going down.The educated middle class,which appeared to be its strength,seemed to lose trust in it.It felt that AAP should concentrate on governance by the rule of law,instead of resorting to agitationist politics.

The lessons of trust-building,and trust erosion as in the case of AAP are following;

1]  The trust of people in political parties is highly fluctuating.It can go up,and down,in no time.

2] Sincere,honest and transparent actions of parties are the key factors in building up trust.They should be  at the top agenda.

3] Political awareness,smart social media,and rising trust-deficit in all walks of life,have made people the best judge of the political parties.Trust can not be taken for granted now.

4] A professional approach in building up trust, nurturing it and strengthening it are  required by the political parties to win the hearts of the people.   

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Is it difficult for A Leader To Trust People?

See my comment,and insights on a good article by Randy Conley,Trust Practice Leader for the Ken Blanchard Companies,in his blog.Randy has responded to my comment too.

No doubt,trusting people is difficult for a leader.If he is able to do so,then he has won the battle.But,is it so easy?Not,at all.Leaders face this as a big challenge when the erosion of trust has become a global phenomenon.I think for leaders,trust-building is more important than other aspects of organisational development.Organisation dynamics can not change,if a culture of trust is not there in an organisation.

When a political  leader comes to power based on winning trust of people,he finds power,not a bed of roses.Simply,because now he has to find real ways to trust people around,who are now steeped in hunger for power .Arvind Kejriwal,Chief Minister of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi may be facing this situation.The people who trusted him,and voted him to power are watching him.How he is able to trust his team members,who are now holding positions of power?Can he as a leader inspire them not to fall prey to evils of power?Can he build the same rapport with his team members ,based on same level of trust,as was in the past when they were with him in the movement against corruption?I think this is a big challenge of a political leader as far as trust is concerned.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Can Media Regain Public Trust?

When I went through the following link,I  liked the reading.It gives new insights on public trust and media,in a US perspective It has however,wider ramifications.

This question  is uppermost in my mind .Can media  regain public trust,if the trust level in political system is low?I think it is difficult.Simply because media can not hide the reality.People's awareness level has gone up,and their judgement is sharp.

Good governance is a big barometer of public trust.Performance,true action,and right intentions build up public trust.If all this absent,then using media to regain public trust appears to be a forced measure.It lacks spontaneity,which is based on genuine response of the heart.

Excessive reliance on media to shape the public trust does not work every time.A saturation point comes when people perceive ulterior designs behind this.In India,AAP used social media to win public trust in a big way.But,now they are in power in Delhi.People now want performance.Their awareness level has made them cautious.They can distinguish between earlier promises of AAP,and now their ability to deliver,while remaining in power.I think media can not cover the genuine impulse of a common man,which is public trust.. .

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Facebook Trust and Social Media ;Looking Ahead

I went through the following link a quality article related to trust issues surrounding Facebook.

   It is good to know that social media is trying to gauge the degree of trust of its users.A survey is no doubt an innovative method to get the feed-back of the users. Looking ahead,the example of Facebook may be emulated by other social media sites.Asking users with a question that 'Do You trust Facebook' is a good way to gauge public opinion Privacy of the users is a big issue to explore,through such survey.But,Facebook is becoming an addiction,so the issue of privacy is not important.

 Trust issues surrounding social media will be a burning issue in the times to come due to these reasons;

1]  Will the social media emerge as a more trust-worthy vehicle,more than print and electronic media?

2] What will be the level of competition regarding all forms of  social media,as far as trust is concerned?Will there be a healthy competition?Or,will this lead to competitive,unhealthy competition?Who will be the winner?

3] Will social media evolve strong systems which can protect the privacy of the users?This will be big issue in the future,as far as their trust level is concerned.

4] Will social media be top in government,and political class priorities?Social media appears to gaining an upper hand now.

5] Will citizen journalism emerge in a big way with the rising trust level of social media?


Friday, 3 January 2014

Is This A Wake-up Call?

  When I commented on the article in the link,I found the statistics on trust in UK quite interesting.The survey results have implications for Indian organisations too.Is this a wake-up call?

How to Build Up Trust?

An important link on building up trust is given below;

I like the post for many reasons.Firstly,it points out that leadership is very important for building up trust.Secondly, this talks of building up a culture of trust.Culture of trust in organisations creates bonds which are unbreakable.Thirdly,the of setting up an example of solid trust,which can be followed by others.

Measuring the level of trust amongst the companies is very important.We need more statistics to understand trust in all its dimensions.I think the measurable aspect of trust should come up with more sharp focus in future.