Thursday, 6 February 2014

Five Reasons Why 2014 Edelman Trust Survey Barometer Is Important For Indonesia

Please go through an interesting link below,on Edelman trust survey results in Indonesia.That business evokes more trust,than politics is a definite paradigm shift.A survey conducted by Edelman last year found that 82% of respondents trusted business institutions,which was higher than trust in the media[78%],NGOs [73%] and the government[53%]
  I find five reasons why Edelman trust survey in Indonesia are important;
1]  Governance in business institutions is an important factor of trust-building.If there is good governance,then trust will follow naturally.For good governance,creating transparent systems is important
2] Political systems do not necessarily build up trust,which others can follow.Instead if business is sound,then trust will emerge,which can be a trend-setter.
3] Building up ethical business frameworks may be more convenient than strengthening ethics in political systems.Simply because there is strong realisation that businesses can flourish only if they are built on strong ethics.
4] The public trust can be built upon good business,not necessarily clean politics.So,people can have more confidence in business for country's socio-economic transformation.
5] Business leaders can be good trust-builders,than politicians,if they take right decisions,and develop a compassionate attitude towards the work-force.
       I will wait for more similar type of results in other countries,then only a definite pattern can be seen.But.the results are an eye-opener.In the times of economic melt-down,when trust disappeared from businesses,there is one country at least,which can show different results.

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