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See Guest Column;Trust Is Gold And To be Trusted is Greater than Being Loved.


,Mr Seshadri Satyanarayan has a long distinguished career in Journalism,and Public Relations.He has worked at senior levels in PTI,Tribune and other important national dailies. Currently,he is the Consulting Editor of Afro-Asian Business Chronicle.In his Guest Column,Mr Satyanarayanan highlights the importance of trust, equating it with 'Gold'.He further says that trust deficiency often leads to collapse of relationship,be it friendship or organisation.He can be contacted at

Trust is one of the most important components in life. Trust deficiency often leads to collapse of relationship, be it friendship or organization.  Lack of trust and sudden trust deficit among board of directors have seen several companies, founded on strong friendship of the promoters, crumbling or the directors parting ways.  Therefore, it is no secret that mutual trust is of paramount importance.  Sometimes trust you enjoy among your fellow members play a big role in bringing out the best in you.

This reminds me of a wrestling bout in the just-concluded Commonwealth Games, where in one of the contest for Gold medal, there was a local wrestler belonging to Scotland and his rival was from Sri Lanka. In this high-scoring bout, the Scotland wrestler suffered a ligament injury during the bout. At that point in time he was way ahead of the Sri Lankan. The injury was quite severe and the athlete wanted to quit.

Even as the medical staff was attending to the athlete, the wrestler writhing in pain repeatedly waved towards his coach to call off the match.  But the trust the coach had in the abilities of the wrestler was so strong that he kept on encouraging him and did not allow him to quit. The coach made him to hit the ring once again with a bandage wrapped around his thigh and knee area.  As the Scotland wrestler was limping during the bout, the Sri Lankan wrestler took advantage of the situation by attacking and grabbing his injured leg.  The Scotland wrestler was repeatedly encouraged by his coach, who shouted “you can do it” and ‘You have it in you”.  Thanks to the repeated prodding from he overcame his pain to win the closely fought match to take the Gold Medal.

To cut short the moral of this anecdote is that the trust the Coach had in the abilities of the wrestler resulted in bringing out the best out of him even as the latter wanted to give up. So, the Scotland wrestler would have definitely realized after the bout that “to be trusted is a greater compliment than winning the Gold medal in front of the

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved

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