Friday, 24 January 2014

Trust Erosion In the Case of AAP

Chetan Bhagat in his blog 'Item Girls of Politics' in Times of India has highlighted the factor of trust erosion.The link is given below;

     I think the article clearly shows that trust-building needs to be nurtured.If people build up trust in a party,then signs of trust erosion need to be well-tackled.In the case of AAP,the rising graph of trust in it was astonishing. The  party  took up the cause of corruption,and it appeared that people associated with it were good.The distrust level of people with the established parties,Congress,and BJP,was  big factor in its favour.Now, after the recent dharna  by AAP ,the trust level in it appears to be going down.The educated middle class,which appeared to be its strength,seemed to lose trust in it.It felt that AAP should concentrate on governance by the rule of law,instead of resorting to agitationist politics.

The lessons of trust-building,and trust erosion as in the case of AAP are following;

1]  The trust of people in political parties is highly fluctuating.It can go up,and down,in no time.

2] Sincere,honest and transparent actions of parties are the key factors in building up trust.They should be  at the top agenda.

3] Political awareness,smart social media,and rising trust-deficit in all walks of life,have made people the best judge of the political parties.Trust can not be taken for granted now.

4] A professional approach in building up trust, nurturing it and strengthening it are  required by the political parties to win the hearts of the people.   

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