Saturday, 4 January 2014

Facebook Trust and Social Media ;Looking Ahead

I went through the following link a quality article related to trust issues surrounding Facebook.

   It is good to know that social media is trying to gauge the degree of trust of its users.A survey is no doubt an innovative method to get the feed-back of the users. Looking ahead,the example of Facebook may be emulated by other social media sites.Asking users with a question that 'Do You trust Facebook' is a good way to gauge public opinion Privacy of the users is a big issue to explore,through such survey.But,Facebook is becoming an addiction,so the issue of privacy is not important.

 Trust issues surrounding social media will be a burning issue in the times to come due to these reasons;

1]  Will the social media emerge as a more trust-worthy vehicle,more than print and electronic media?

2] What will be the level of competition regarding all forms of  social media,as far as trust is concerned?Will there be a healthy competition?Or,will this lead to competitive,unhealthy competition?Who will be the winner?

3] Will social media evolve strong systems which can protect the privacy of the users?This will be big issue in the future,as far as their trust level is concerned.

4] Will social media be top in government,and political class priorities?Social media appears to gaining an upper hand now.

5] Will citizen journalism emerge in a big way with the rising trust level of social media?


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