Monday, 6 January 2014

Can Media Regain Public Trust?

When I went through the following link,I  liked the reading.It gives new insights on public trust and media,in a US perspective It has however,wider ramifications.

This question  is uppermost in my mind .Can media  regain public trust,if the trust level in political system is low?I think it is difficult.Simply because media can not hide the reality.People's awareness level has gone up,and their judgement is sharp.

Good governance is a big barometer of public trust.Performance,true action,and right intentions build up public trust.If all this absent,then using media to regain public trust appears to be a forced measure.It lacks spontaneity,which is based on genuine response of the heart.

Excessive reliance on media to shape the public trust does not work every time.A saturation point comes when people perceive ulterior designs behind this.In India,AAP used social media to win public trust in a big way.But,now they are in power in Delhi.People now want performance.Their awareness level has made them cautious.They can distinguish between earlier promises of AAP,and now their ability to deliver,while remaining in power.I think media can not cover the genuine impulse of a common man,which is public trust.. .

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