Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Is it difficult for A Leader To Trust People?

See my comment,and insights on a good article by Randy Conley,Trust Practice Leader for the Ken Blanchard Companies,in his blog.Randy has responded to my comment too.

No doubt,trusting people is difficult for a leader.If he is able to do so,then he has won the battle.But,is it so easy?Not,at all.Leaders face this as a big challenge when the erosion of trust has become a global phenomenon.I think for leaders,trust-building is more important than other aspects of organisational development.Organisation dynamics can not change,if a culture of trust is not there in an organisation.

When a political  leader comes to power based on winning trust of people,he finds power,not a bed of roses.Simply,because now he has to find real ways to trust people around,who are now steeped in hunger for power .Arvind Kejriwal,Chief Minister of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi may be facing this situation.The people who trusted him,and voted him to power are watching him.How he is able to trust his team members,who are now holding positions of power?Can he as a leader inspire them not to fall prey to evils of power?Can he build the same rapport with his team members ,based on same level of trust,as was in the past when they were with him in the movement against corruption?I think this is a big challenge of a political leader as far as trust is concerned.

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