Monday, 7 April 2014

Three Reasons Why My Blog on Trust Makes Me Happy?

 Trust has its own beauty. I didn’t know about it when I started the blog. But, slowly when I started writing on it, I came to understand its real depth. There are three reasons why  my blog makes me happy;

1] I have come to understand that trust has a multi-dimensional character. There are so many aspects of life, I need to explore. They are related to individual, society,  organisation, sector, politics, economy, etc. Whenever I analyse   any development, the trust perspective comes into my mind. I feel happy that I have created something, in the form a blog which has deep relevance.

2] Now, I feel the practical impact of the blog in my own life, which makes me happy.  As my day  begins, I feel I could generate trust everywhere. When I go to work, I try my best to build up a trust-worthy relationship with all. In my family life, the effect of my blog is seen all the time. I try hard to build up an atmosphere of mutual trust so that we all feel happy in the family. The blog has been a real catalyst in my personal transformation.

3] The blog has given me a new mission in life. When we have a mission, then we feel happy. Every minute of our life makes us realize that we have been born with some purpose. Through my blog, I have understood, that my mission is to create awareness for building up trust at all levels so that trust deficit does not threaten our social fabric. I see myself as a change-agent in this regard. An attempt to find solutions through my writings makes me happy..  

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