Sunday, 23 November 2014

To What Extent Trust Is Important for the Success of Organisations?

We all analyse the factor of success in organizations. We have our own approaches for analysis of the success factor. But, we seldom use the trust perspective to analyse the success of organizations. This is strange considering the fact that some organizations thrive on trust, while others fall due to distrust. A big organisation falls because of lack of trust, a small team in an organisation succeeds because of trust.
   Analysing the psychological factors for trust, and distrust in organizations with linkages to targets/goals of organisation is very important. This will help in knowing whether an organisation is on the path of success, or failure. The community-based, or membership-based organizations evoke more trsut.The chances of success here is more than than centralized, or hierarchal organizations, which are built on the company principles. The nature, or structure of an organisation, with linkages to the factor of trust needs to be explored in depth.

Can we have a measurement index which can show how much trust is important for success of an organisation? Can we evaluate our performance, based on this? Can we organize trust-based workshops/seminars, keeping into account this measurement index? Organisational dynamics must address these issues.

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