Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Trust is Important To Tackle Politics at the Work-Place

 We often say that there is lot of politics at our work-place.This is the usual observation of a professional in any field.While this is true in most of the cases,we don't look for the causes behind this general thinking.I think lack of trust leads to politics,and people tend to view each other with suspicion.When there is lack of trust,then there is no transparency.This leads to people indulging in short-cuts to take undue advantages,or prove their point at the cost of destroying their relationships.Politics leads to denaal of justice to deserving people in the office.However, we often forget that trust is the findation-stone for creating a conducive atmosphere in the work-place so that the factor of 'politics' is minimised.

 Trust can be build only if we are compassionate towards each other.Compassion can come only if we make efforts to change our behaviour.That means the need to shed arrogance is paramount here.When there is no arrogance,then we can treat each other on equal terms.The factor of eqality can create an uplifting atmoshere in the office.It will strengthen trust,which can work wonders in creating a congenial climate at the work-place.As a result,workers will have a belief in each other.and they will consider each other as 'friends',not enemies.

Why do some organisations succeed,and others fail?I think the  main cause for success of an organisation is that there is a genuine team-spirit amongst the personnel,and true empathy  flows which creates an atmosphere in which not everyone grows,but they also cherish in each other's success.However,all this is not a magic.It needs efforts by evrybody to tone their behaviour    for the sake of organisational growth.

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